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The California Riots 2009: Police Shooting of Unarmed Man Sparks Riots in Oakland, CA


This is fucked up. While the national media focused its attention on Oprah’s weight problem, this issue maybe got 5 minutes of national media coverage at most, if that. The video clearly shows the man lying face down with officers on top of him when another officer pats him down to make sure he’s unarmed, pulls out his gun and shoots him in the back…Execution Style. This is just another example of the flaws in our justice system and excessive, unnecessary use of force by police. This time the injustice was just caught on tape by random people on board the train.

*UPDATE* This issue is finally gaining light now that people are smashing windows and burning cars. I guess that’s what it takes to grab the nation’s attention. An unjustified death turned into justifying so much entertainment for the rest of the world. Shoot, let it go on for days, perhaps even weeks…

“The mayor was forced to come out and acknowledge that the citizens of Oakland are angry and that we want Justice,” “I’m not condoning violence, but sometimes to get justice, you can’t just sit around holding hands singing kumbaya.” said Evan Shamar, the organizer of the demonstration.

“I uphold the whole protest from start to finish,” said Reiko Redmond, one of several people from Revolution Books in Berkeley who were in Downtown Oakland on Wednesday night. She called the events a “righteous rebellion” that stemmed from a long history of oppression and police brutality…

“Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” – MLK, JR.

Check it out for yourself…

Video – Police Fatally Shoot Unarmed Man Lying Face Down on His Back, Caught on Tape:

Videos – Protests Over Shooting in Oakland Metro Rail Turns Violent:

Oakland, CA – A protest over the shooting of an unarmed man on a train platform by Bay Area Rapid Transit police turned violent Wednesday night, just hours after the officer who fired the deadly shot resigned. A faction of protesters smashed a police car, broke windows on parked cars and at least one business and blocked streets in downtown Oakland.

The protest started peacefully shortly after 3 p.m. at the Fruitvale Station in Oakland, where BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle shot 22-year-old Oscar Grant of Hayward to death early on New Year’s Day. BART shut down the station well into the evening commute, although the demonstration there was peaceful.

However, shortly after nightfall, a group of roughly 200 protesters split off and headed toward downtown Oakland, prompting the transit agency to close the Lake Merritt station.

Oakland Police Officer Michael Cardoza parked his car across the intersection of Eighth and Madison streets to prevent traffic from flowing toward Broadway and into the protest. But he told The Chronicle that 30 to 40 protesters quickly surrounded his car and started smashing it with bottles and rocks. Cardoza jumped out of the car, and he said some protesters tried to set the car on fire, while others jumped onto the hood – incidents repeatedly shown on television. Cardoza said the protesters “were trying to entice us into doing something.”

***Here’s An Update 7:57PM PST, Jan, 8 2009***


19:57 PST Oakland — About 100 demonstrators are gathered tonight in downtown Oakland, protesting the fatal shooting by a BART police officer of an unarmed man.

Police in riot gear shut down Broadway between 12th and 16th streets after protesters began stopping cars and buses and threw trash cans into the middle of the street. Some protesters carried signs that read, “No justice, no peace.” Others carried candles.

At Walgreens on 14th and Broadway, a protester threw a rock at the window. The window remained intact, but the manager came out, locked the front door and pulled a metal gate around the door and closed early for the night. A Rite-Aid across the street did the same.

By 7:30 p.m. a line of two dozen officers began advancing toward the crowd at 14th and Broadway. A bottle was hurled at the officers, who told people to move to the sidewalk.

“You all better think twice before you shoot an unarmed man,” one man yelled as police advanced.

Article Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Read More:

SF Chronicle: How BART Protest Devolved into Anarchy



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