Posted by: MadSciLabz | January 15, 2009

China Becomes the Worlds Third-Largest Economy, Next to U.S. and Japan

BEIJING, China – China has become the world’s third-largest economy, surpassing Germany and closing rapidly on Japan, according to government and World Bank figures.

Although the world’s top economies, the United States and Japan, are in recession, the most pessimistic estimates for China’s growth in upcoming years runs about 5 percent. That could allow China’s GDP to overtake Japan’s, currently $4.3 trillion, within a few years.

The U.S. economy, the world’s largest, was about $13.8 trillion in 2007.

Read the rest of the story on CNN.COM: China passes Germany in economic rankings



  1. Isn’t this great ! Just think how smart those SOB’s in Washington D.C. were in enacting NAFTA, CAFTA, and all those other job take aways from American Workers so we could become a poor Nation of Idiots just like the other third world countries.
    We should all go after those that enacted these take aways and hang them from the nearest tree you know just like they used to hang all the bad guys. Stop it Now before they sell us all out
    Wake up Americans those now in power in America are ruining our Nation and if we must fight then we’ll fight them (remember its our son’s and daughters in the military and I don’t think they would go against their own for tyrants like what is in Washington D.Cl. Now selliing out REAL AMERICAN’S

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