Posted by: MadSciLabz | January 19, 2009

Vietnam’s Latest Export: Vietnamese Women

Vietnam is planning to profit from one of its greatest resources: The country’s notoriously beautiful women. Vietnamese government officials have been asked to set up a matchmaking office in Ho Chi Minh City specifically for the purpose of arranging marriages between Vietnamese women and foreign men.

The office will be given a generous marketing budget to advertise its services and the women that put themselves on its books. Currently many Korean and Taiwanese men come to Vietnam in the hope of finding a wife however westerners will be encouraged to use the agency as well. The Vietnamese government claims that the idea of a national matchmaking office is preferable to crime syndicates tuning such businesses.

Many rural women in Vietnam see marriage to a foreigner as a way out of poverty. ‘Vietnamese women are so beautiful, loyal, fabulous cooks and housekeepers, they are likely to make men around the word so happy’ commented Huyen, a Ho Chi Minh City beautician who is considering using the service. ‘My dream is to marry a well to do American and travel the world; I think I would make a great partner for someone.’

Others voiced criticism of the plan ‘This sets a bad precedent and seems to be a case of a government sanctioning the treating women as a commodity which is a step in the wrong direction’ commented Binh, a Vietnamese social worker in charge of a shelter for abused women in Ho Chi Minh City.


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